Our Story

Brian & Ryan.jpg

It all started with a biscuit and a dream. 

In 2016, Brian and Ryan, the longtime owner/operators of Austin’s Thunderbird Coffee, became inspired to start a breakfast and lunch restaurant that would delight Austinites. As they were both completely obsessed with sandwiches and biscuits, the idea quickly turned to starting a restaurant that focused exclusively on biscuit sandwiches.

Easier said than done! What started as a dream became a two and a half year journey into the Biscuit. Consulting with a noted Austin Biscuit Whisperer and with a lot of help from longtime industry friends, Chef Brian perfected a biscuit for sandwiches. It is everything you love about biscuits AND holds together so it can be eaten as the Lord of Sandwich intended: with your hands! Bird Bird Biscuit’s mission is to bring joy to Austin one biscuit sandwich at a time.